Asilata Bapat



Morse-based fibering of the persistence rank invariant (with Robyn Brooks, Claudia Landi, Celia Hacker, Barbara I. Mahler)


Spherical objects and stability conditions on CY2 quiver categories (with Anand Deopurkar, Anthony Licata)


A Thurston compactification of the space of stability conditions (with Anand Deopurkar, Anthony Licata)

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Recollement for perverse sheaves on real hyperplane arrangements
To appear in Journal of Algebra, 568 (2021), pp. 61–90.

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The strong topological monodromy conjecture for Coxeter hyperplane arrangements (with Robin Walters)
Mathematical Research Letters 24 (2017), no. 4, 947–954.

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Torus actions and tensor products of intersection cohomology
Pacific Journal of Mathematics 276 (2015), pp. 19–34.

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Lower central series of free algebras in symmetric tensor categories (with David Jordan)
Journal of Algebra, 373 (2013), pp. 299–311.

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Not for publication

The Bernstein-Sato \(b\)-function of the Vandermonde determinant (with Robin Walters)
Preprint (not for publication).


Equivariant cohomology and the localization theorem
Topic proposal (expository).



Categorical braid group actions (with Anand Deopurkar)
This sage code computes the braid group action on the triangulated category of complexes of projective modules over the zig-zag algebra of a quiver.