Summer School on Geometric Representation Theory

9 July—13 July 2018, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

About the summer school

The topic of the summer school is geometric representation theory, with an emphasis on quiver varieties, symplectic resolutions, quantization, and cluster algebras. A major goal of geometric representation theory is to reveal unifying geometric and categorical perspectives on classical representation-theoretic objects, and to use these perspectives to solve long-standing algebraic problems. Quiver varieties, and more generally symplectic resolutions, precipitate geometric realizations of various non-commutative algebras and lead to a deeper understanding of the representation theory of these algebras. The non-commutative algebras of interest include algebras of differential operators, enveloping algebras, and quantum groups. More recently, cluster algebras have emerged as a major bridge between a vast array of mathematical topics.

The aim of the summer school is to provide mini-courses on active themes in geometric representation theory, including those mentioned above. In addition, there will be research talks on recent progress in the field, and a poster session featuring work of graduate students.

The summer school poster (pdf).

Mini-course speakers

Research talk speakers

Registration and deadlines

Here is the link to the registration page. The registration deadline is 31 March 2018. The conference dates are 9 July to 13 July 2018.

Organizers and contact

The conference is organized by Asilata Bapat, Iordan Ganev, Tamas Hausel, Maitreyee Kulkarni, and Jacob Matherne. To get in touch with the organizers, please write to