Summer School on Geometric Representation Theory

9 July—13 July 2018, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Practical information

Getting to the hotels and IST

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria is located in Maria Gugging, Klosterneuburg, 18 km outside of Vienna. The closest airport is the Vienna International Airport (VIE), and the closest international train station is Wien Hauptbahnhof. The hotels are located in the Klosterneuburg city center, within walking distance to both the Klosterneuburg Kierling Bahnhof and Stadtplatz Klosterneuburg.

The U-Bahn line U4 will not go to Heiligenstadt during the week of the summer school. The directions below have been modified accordingly. For accurate and specific directions, you can always use the OEBB route planner.

Getting to Klosterneuburg/IST from Vienna International Airport

If you want to take a taxi, see below. Here are directions using public transport.

  1. Get to Wien Mitte.
    • Option 1: Take the S-Bahn S7 and get off at Wien Mitte–Landstraße Bahnhof. Buy a ticket for the S-Bahn from machines at the Vienna Airport train station. This will include a ticket for transportation within Vienna that is valid for the U-Bahn journey. More info here.
    • Option 2: Take the CAT (City Airport Train), which is faster but more expensive. You will have to buy a separate ticket for Vienna public transportation upon arrival at Wien Mitte. There are also other options.
  2. Get to Spittelau. Take the U-Bahn U4 towards Heiligenstadt and get off at Spittelau (currently the last stop). More info below.
  3. Get to Klosterneuburg. Take the S-Bahn S40 to Klosterneuburg Kierling Bahnhof and walk to the hotels.
  4. Get to IST. On weekdays, you can take the IST shuttle (Bus 142) from Stadtplatz Klosterneuburg to Maria Gugging IST Austria. On weekends, you can take Bus 400 from Stadtplatz Klosterneuburg to Maria Gugging IST Austria. More information below.

Getting to Klosterneuburg/IST from Vienna city center

  1. Take a train or S-bahn from Vienna to Klosterneuburg city center (specifically from the Vienna stations Heiligenstadt, Spittelau, or Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof to Klosterneuburg Kierling Bahnhof).
  2. Walk to hotels, or walk to Stadtplatz Klosterneuburg to catch a bus from there to IST (more info below). In the mornings, you can also take a conference bus from the Klosterneuburg city center to IST Austria. More about conference buses below.

Conference buses

We will organise special conference buses going from the Heiligenstadt station, via the Klosterneuburg city center, to IST Austria each day in the morning.

Morning schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday):

8:15 – departure from Heiligenstadt station
8:29 – stop at Niedermarkt in Klosterneuburg
8:37 – arrival at IST Austria

Evening schedule (Monday, Thursday, and Friday):

5:30 – departure from IST Austria
5:38 – stop at Niedermarkt in Klosterneuburg
5:49 – arrival at Heiligenstadt station

Evening schedule (Tuesday):

The conference dinner will last until around 8:00. We recommend participants to take the IST shuttle at 8:40pm, scheduled as follows.
8:40 – departure from IST Austria
8:48 – stop at Klosterneuburg Stadtplatz
8:59 – arrival at Heilgenstadt station

Other days/times:

At other times, such as on the free afternoon on Wednesday, you can take the IST shuttle. The full schedule is available here in pdf.

Getting around within Vienna and Klosterneuburg

Public transport in Vienna

The Vienna public transport system connects to the Federal Railways (local S-bahn and long distance trains) and to the Vienna Airport.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines at most underground stations. The same single-fare ticket is valid for all means of transport in the city zone and allows for transfers. Tickets must be validated before boarding. Other kinds of tickets (e.g. day tickets, useful for exploring Vienna) are also available from the ticket machines.

Schedule and frequency: The U-bahn runs very frequently (3-5 minutes during daytime, from 5am until 20 minutes past midnight, but throughout the night on Fridays and Saturdays and before public holidays.

Link to journey planner.
Link to public transport map (pdf).

Buses in Klosterneuburg/IST

Both the IST Shuttle (Bus 142) and the Bus 400 stop in front of the Institute, as well as at Stadtplatz Klosterneuburg.

Tickets: The ticket costs between 2-3 EUR and is payable on the bus.

Schedule and frequency: The trip takes about 15 minutes. IST Shuttle (Bus 142) runs once or twice an hour on weekdays but not on Sunday. Bus 400 runs approximately every 30 minutes all week long.


It is possible to take a cab from IST to Heiligenstadt, Vienna downtown or the airport. (It’s best to have cash ready; there is an ATM in the institute lobby). Here are some options. Ask at the IST Reception for help with other transport options.

You can take a taxi from the airport directly to IST, but be sure to have the full address of the Institute at hand (IST Austria, Am Campus 1, 3400 Maria Gugging-Klosterneuburg). If their GPS does not have this new address yet, try Hauptstrasse 2, 3400 Maria Gugging-Klosterneuburg.