Asilata Bapat


Talks and presentations

  • Feb 2024 (upcoming): Winterbraids, Montpellier (mini-course)
  • Jan 2024 (upcoming): Applied and computational algebraic geometry, Isaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge (notes)
  • Nov 2022: Tensor categories in Sydney, University of Sydney (slides)
  • Nov 2022: Lie groups seminar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, online (slides)
  • Aug 2022: QUACKS II, The University of Oregon
  • Jun 2022: AMSI winter school 2022, The University of Queensland (notes)
  • May 2022: Algebra & discrete mathematics seminar, UC Davis, online (slides)
  • Apr 2022: FD Seminar, online (slides)
  • Mar 2022: LAGOON webinar, online (slides)
  • Mar 2022: Paris algebra seminar, online (slides)
  • Feb 2022: Geometry, physics, and representation theory seminar, Northeastern University (notes)
  • Feb 2022: Braids in representation theory and algebraic combinatorics, ICERM, Brown University (slides)
  • Dec 2021: Special session on Topology, AustMS 2021, online (slides)
  • Nov 2021: EmacsConf 2021, online (video)
  • Jun 2021: Dynamical Systems in Triangulated Categories and Surfaces (DiTS), online (slides, video)
  • May 2021: AMS special session on geometric and categorical methods in representation theory, online (slides)
  • Jan 2021: RepNet Virtual seminar, online (video)
  • Nov 2020: Algebra Seminar, University of Georgia (slides)
  • Feb 2020: New Connections in Representation Theory, Mooloolaba, Queensland (slides)
  • Jan 2020: Derived Days workshop 2020, University of Sydney
  • Jun 2019: Triangulated Categories in Geometry and Representation Theory, University of Sydney
  • Feb 2019: Women of Mathematics: a one-day meeting at the ANU, Australian National University
  • Feb 2019: Pure Mathematics Seminar, University of Queensland
  • Dec 2018: Special session in Representation Theory, AustMS 2018, University of Adelaide
  • May 2018: Pure mathematics seminar, University of Melbourne (notes)
  • Dec 2017: Future Directions in Representation Theory, University of Sydney (poster)
  • Nov 2017: Workshop on Topics in Algebraic Geometry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jul 2017: Canada/USA Mathcamp 2017, University of Puget Sound
  • Mar 2017: Geometric representation theory seminar, University of Toronto
  • Mar 2017: Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry, and Commutative Algebra Seminar, University of South Carolina
  • Mar 2017: Special session on Geometric Methods in Representation Theory, AMS Southeastern Spring Sectional Meeting, Charleston (slides)
  • Jan 2017: Special session on New Developments in Noncommutative Algebra and Representation Theory, AMS Joint Mathematical Meeting, Atlanta (slides)
  • Dec 2016: Mathematics Seminar, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
  • Nov 2016: Algebra Seminar, University of Georgia
  • Sep 2016: Algebra Seminar, University of Georgia
  • Jun 2016: Young Women in Representation Theory, University of Bonn
  • Feb 2016: Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Ohio State University
  • Jan 2016: Algebra Seminar, University of Alberta
  • Oct 2015: AlGeCom 12, University of Michigan (poster)
  • Oct 2015: AMS Central Fall Sectional Meeting, Loyola University (poster)
  • Sep 2015: Algebraic Geometry/Commutative Algebra Seminar, University of Notre Dame
  • May 2015: Oberseminar Representation Theory, University of Bonn
  • May 2015: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • May 2015: Oberseminar Algebra, Mathematisches Institut, University of Cologne
  • Jul 2014: Mathematics Seminar, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
  • Jun 2014: Summer school on quiver Hecke algebras, IESC Carg├Ęse (expository)
  • May 2014: Workshop on Yangians and quantum loop algebras, Austin (expository)

Research visits


  • Jan 2023: National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) 2023, Australian National University
  • Aug 2022: Greenlight for Girls (g4g) Day 2022, Australian National University
  • Several occasions: Canberra Maths Enrichment Program (CMEP), Australian National University
  • May 2021: WINGS Women in STEM initiative, Hawker College, Canberra
  • Jan 2021: National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) 2021, Australian National University
  • Jan 2019: National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) 2019, Australian National University
  • Nov 2018: Maths in the Pub 2018, Smith's Alternative, Canberra

Organization, etc